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  • Natural Dog Soap
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Sabonete Natural

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Natural Dog Soap 100% natural and handmade

Prepared with a lot of love and affection for our dog.


virgin olive oil Coconut oil Sweet almond oil Castor oil Essential oils: Citronella and Lavender or Citronella and Eucalyptus (about 170 gr)

Virgin olive oil: improves the quality of your dog's skin and fur
Coconut oil: makes foam and is great for cleaning and making the fur soft to the touch
Sweet almond oil: it is a great skin repairer, for itchy and dry skin
Castor oil: helps to soften the fur and also helps with dry skin
Citronella: used to repel insects
Lavender: creates a feeling of peace offering a calming effect in the central nervous system stem. Eucalyptus: can be used as a mental stimulation, as it helps to increase blood flow to the brain, and also repels insects.

Before using the Natural Dog Soap, brush your dog to remove the dead and dirty hair, after washing the hair in water, start to apply the soap until it foams (be careful with your bigeye's eyes), rub the hair well and pass it on the brush again, after brushing, remove all the foam, check that there is no excess, pass the brush one more time and it's ready to dry. Keep the soap dry to last longer

(The Natural Dog Soap are handmade so the size may vary a bit)