Patas Na Rua

Patas Na Rua

I met Inês in the first market I did with Mutt Dog (Dog Summit at LX Factory in Lisbon) and since then we have been creating a friendship relationship.We are lucky (Me, Vi and Chico) to be invited to some dogwalkings that Patas na Rua do and I must say that it is a constant joy. Not only for being surrounded by dogs and seeing my dogs so happy, but for the energy that they have, which is contagious. And for being the people they are, all of them!!So I asked "Patas Na Rua" to write a small text talking about their business and to show you that with a lot of love, everything is possible:
"Patas na Rua comes from the love that two Ineses have for animals and the need to spend more time in the company of our three four-legged girls.We both had 8-hour jobs a day, and despite having contrary schedules, they never spent many hours alone, but we felt we could give them a better quality of life and share this time with more bigwigs and their experience with more tutors.We started in 2018 with the services of dog walking, pet sitting and family stays through the Cão Nosso network.In 2019, we named our passion, PAWS ON THE STREET.In 2020, there was an increase in orders for the service we now call Tour Groups, initially for our regular customers. Nowadays we already have our fixed groups.Nowadays, it is our most popular service, after family stays.
We are very grateful for all the way here, for the professionals in the area that we have been getting to know, and for the trust and affection of all the tutors who have supported us since the beginning, as it gave us the strength to explore more services and train in the area of animal care and welfare.If there is something that gives us immense pleasure, it is to see bigeyes growing!From the moment they are allowed to leave the house, they can come play and spend the night with a group of friends. Therefore, we are lucky to receive bigeyes from the first day they can go out on the street.It is a great pleasure to accompany their growth, to see them happy and to help in their development!Our family stays and tours are personalized to each bigeye.On the tours, we form small and balanced groups to maintain the good dynamics.Depending on the group we have on the day, we decide what type of tour we do and we always try to give the maximum amount of positive stimulation. For example, if we have a water-loving group, we look for places for them to dive and cool off. In the case of stays it is exactly the same, each stay is personalized and adapted to the needs of each dog.
Each animal is unique, which is why all our services are individually personalized and then inserted and adapted into a whole that is our "pack". There are dogs that arrive and feel right at home, there are others more shy that need their space and time until they make themselves known and start to play.Our main care is the comfort and well-being of each one of them, we try to be as close to home as they are and from the first day they become a member of our family. There is constant supervision and monitoring.The team consists of 4 girls. The two Ineses, Vanessa and Carlota.All of them are trained in the area, as this allows us to know a little more about the animal world, how they communicate with each other, with us and with the environment, and in this way get closer to what is more balanced and healthy for them.Our purpose is to make dogs happy, but also to have confident and well-rested owners.As a famous cat once said "love me, feed me and never leave me", to this we add a bit of fun and a lot of dedication and we have the magic potion to make any animal happy!"Keep up this wonderful work!It's great to see the pack grow and we can participate in your wonderful moments <3

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